Nothing is permanent….

My dear old blog that I kept from October of 2007 through October of 2017, a lovely decade, has fallen into evil hands.  So many photos are gone, irretrievable, that it isn’t worth trying to put it back together again.  I take this as a lesson.  It is easy for us artist-types to get a grand sense of self, to think our words and images are rife with meaning, to believe the world needs our unique view.  It doesn’t.  Ninety nine percent of my work is really just there to offer a bit of joy, or thoughtfulness.  It needn’t exist for eternity.  So, farewell Leannderthal, I will miss you, but maybe I’ll make something better.  I start anew.


2 thoughts on “Nothing is permanent….”

  1. I really can’t imagine that happening, but always wonder HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? Do you know? I am sad for you, there are such wonderful and memorable times and cool thinkings shared. Did you save your photos on a disk from which you added them to your blog? Times are what they are, can’t change much of that. Looking forward to a fresh new page, I hope.

    1. Most of the photos are gone, and putting the ones I do have back is so time consuming. The hacker I guess is more like a kid/graffiti artist, just trying to make trouble. So now I start the next decade of posting….

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